First OpenSource Enterprise Architecture Management Tool - iteraplan

We just released the first open source EAM tool called iteraplan.
Enterprise architecture management creates transparency about your current and future IT landscape and provides instruments for the analysis, creation, planning and control of the application landscape. The enterprise architecture management ties together business structures as for example business processes, products, organisation unities, technical domains, technical functions and business data with the application landscape and their technical realisation or company infrastructure. Thus the enterprise architecture management supports you with the control of the complexity of your IT landscape and allows an up-to-date and efficient control of the IT.

With iteraplan and his database based model of your application landscape:
   * you identify saving potentials
   * you are always informed about the state of your IT
   * you possess reliable and up-to-date data as a basis for your strategical decisions

iteraplan is an JavaEE web application based on other well established OpenSource tools like Spring Framework, Hibernate, Tomcat, ...

For more information visit www.iteraplan.org or go directly to a online demo
Do not hesitate to ask questions in english in the forum.
Looking forward to your feedback.

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