Software to build open source communities

I wonder why there is no real "community" software out there for open source software projects, especially if you want to have an integrated experience for a user.
If you look at big open source projects you have a diverse set of tools used for the websites. I compiled the following table based on looking at hints within the page or the page source codes, so it might be not correct:

Spring FrameworkJIRADrupalvBulletin/Mailinglist was at sourceforge but is retired-WordpressSourceForge
HibernateJIRAcoWikiphpBB/mailman(coWiki)Seam basedJBoss/SourceForge
Apache (Struts)JIRAMaven-Generated-/apache-mailinglistsConfluence-Apache
AppFuseJIRAConfluenceNabble webinterface to mailinglist/via dev.java.netConfluenceConfluence-Newsjava.net
Sourceforgeown module-own/own-Only News-FunctionSourceForge

Beside JIRA being the de facto standard for issue tracking, the rest is a bit of a mess, and most of the selected open source communities are in the Java area. So what tools would you recommend for starting an open source project/community?
Currently I am looking at Confluence, Drupal, JIRA, TikiWiki and Trac. I guess we will have to use more than one tool to cover all, but I will try to limit it to as few tools as possible.
Any thoughts/help?

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