WHATWG to start work on "Bible5"

Hilarious "June Fool" I found on a mailing list.

WHATWG to start work on "Bible5"

Silicon Valley - June 2008

After their successful work on HTML5, CSS5, XML5, SVG5, and Web5, the WHATWG has announced that it has started work on a new version of the Bible, to be called "Bible5".

"Initially, one of the most obvious changes will be a change to the ten commandments", said Ian Hickson, the group's leader and idealog. "For instance we shall be changing 'Thou shalt not kill' to 'Thou SHOULD not kill' with the necessary reference to RFC 2119. Clearly after a couple of millenia experience with this spec, people have not been doing what the spec requires, and so we are merely updating it, modernizing it you might say, to reflect actual usage. I mean, what use is it having admonitions if most people are not going to follow them?" he asked, adding "That was a rhetorical question. I mean, what use is a spec that forbids things? It just makes it harder for people to be compliant." "That was also rhetorical" he hastened to add.

Alan van Finckelstein, one of the people who will be initially working on the spec, expanded: "One of the problems with the Bible is its incompleteness" she said. "Although it mentions a few sins that are forbidden, and a few that are apparently OK -- incest in the case of Job's daughters being one that immediately springs to mind -- it leaves hundreds if not thousands of sins completely unspecified. We are currently using Google to search for and identify all currently known and practised sins, so we can include them in the permitted list."


"One of the differences with the WHAT WG doing this work instead of the closed and secretive Christians, is that we have a completely open process" Hickson added. "Anyone can, and indeed does, join in. We are currently asking the public to submit use cases of sins that they have committed in the past, or would like to commit in the future, so that we can add them to the spec."

"Speed is another advantage" chimed in Alan. "The Christians took 325 years to produce their spec, before declaring a Rec at the Council of Nicaea. Talk about slow! We think we can produce a new version in about two weeks" she said.

"Of course, that will only be a working draft!" pointed out Hickson. "But we hope to go to CR within a couple of weeks after that. We are preparing the test suite at the moment. The spec will not go to Rec until we have recorded evidence that every single sin has been committed at least twice. Our current timeline shows that we anticipate staying in the CR phase for about 325 years. We may have to go back to Working Draft after that though."

"It need hardly be mentioned," laughed Finckelstein "that the Bible never actually went through CR, which is just typical." She went on "If it had, it would never have reached Recommendation stage. It is riddled with inconsistencies and errors, or things that have just not been defined. To take an example, when Moses comes down the mountain with the ten commandments and sees his people sinning, he loses his temper and smashes the marble tablets -- apparently smashing up God's property was not on the list of things thou shalt not do -- and then initiates a killing spree of three thousand of his followers. So much for 'Thou shalt not kill'!".

"Anyway," concluded Hickson, "the big advantage of Bible5 will be that the number of sinners and criminals will be reduced at a stroke. Just imagine, the prisons will be emptied, and for the first time in history we will have a completely law abiding society!"

WHAT's next? Finckelstein: "Electrical wiring and plugs", Hickson: "The rules of the road; airline safety; oh there's so much we can improve".

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Orchestra is the new Seam

Apache MyFaces announced the availability of Apache MyFaces Orchestra and it sounds like a real great integration tool:
JSF - Spring - JPA
Although they are not positioning it directly as a Seam killer (see Orchestra and Seam) IMO it is competing here. But Orchestra is doing some things better than Seam:
Leveraging the defacto standard Spring truly
Being open for other ORM solutions than JPA
Having an Apache Licence
Providing hooks for other web frameworks and not only JSF

Although I must admit, that I haven't used Seam yet I probably would rather choose Orchestra in my next JSF project. Still I wish both projects the best and it is good to have choice around and see common problems tackled.

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Update on FirstLife

Hello everybody,
this is just a short notice about my life and what change in the last couple of months. I know I haven't blogged a lot about my private life lately but there have been quite a few big changes and all are great.
First Désirée and I married in June 2006. Désirée is the greatest wife in the world and I have to deeply thank her for all her love.
We had a great time at Gut Georgenberg for the church wedding with roughly 100 guests and a nice small marriage ceremony at Baltrum.
And last November started another exiting time, since we are expecting a baby in July. It is a amazing to see him grow and develop over this 9 months and we hope the best for the delivery.
Besides this private changes a couple of "work" changes occurred:
In May 2006 I started my MBA at the Open University Business School and so far I am very happy with it. Currently I take the Strategy course and the bunch of people in my study group here from Munich are also very nice. There are 1,5 more years to go and it takes a lot of time to do this, but the learning experience is good and I learned a lot. So I can highly recommend both, doing and MBA (if you haven't studied business already) and going for the Open University.
After three good years at Jato Consulting I decided to see the inner workings of another IT company. After looking at a couple of companies my choice fell on iteratec. It is a nice 80 person company with lots of technical and business expertise and a good atmosphere. They are doing very good with customers and employees alike. Hopefully I will find the time to blog a bit about my work here. :)
This was the update on my FirstLife, at least the big "new and noteworthy" things.
Take care everybody and see you around,

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