[JavaPolis2007] EJB 3.1

Secification lead Kenneth Saks was updating the JavaPolians about the status and the news of EJB 3.1.
So the focus of this JSR is on two themes, one is to improve on the ease of use, which was already the main thing in EJB 3.0, put can be continued. And additionally to the rather minor features added in EJB 3.0 there will be some additional features in EJB 3.1.
Timewise the first early draft is planned for beginning 2008.
The local business interface will be obsolete, but still the client should not use the new() semantics.
There will be an @Singeleton-Annotation to enable shared data and make the handling mcuh easier. Since the AppServer is normally taking care of concurrency by either instanciating another bean (stateless session bean) or synchronizing the access (stateful session bean) the access to methods in an @Singelton annotated bean will be synchrozied by default. But the developer can specify bean managed concurrency which one should use to distinct between read-only methods (non-synchronized) and write-methods (synchronized).
IMO this will be one of the new performance pitfalls in JavaEE 6 where a lot of people will run into.
All in all a nice talk an d definitly something to keep an eye on.

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