[JavaPolis2007] Thinking in Flex

So after JSF got a bit boring, I went to look around at the other talks and finally stayed at thinking in Flex, which was again a presentation by two presenters, but this time Bruce Eckel and James Ward played along quite nicely. While James was showing of and coding wild, Bruce was there to highlight some of the pitfalls or bigger picture facts.
They showed some nice demos with drag'n'drop functionality from a flex app data grid into Excel or a nice app with cover flow like in iTunes, build just in three lines of code.
The demoing was done with the flex builder, which is an Eclipse extension and can be downloaded as a test version for free. The SDK itself is currently being open sourced, the flash player will be open sourced and there is a community at flex.org.
The Flex builder has an build in debugger.
A lot of fancy UI effects are build in, like an accordion with a lot of details to be specified like a bounce effect with timing.
Then James went on and showed AIR, which is a superset of the webapp, so you have all the functions from an webapp, which enables you to reuse your webapp code. AIR also provides some functions like local file access and a DB storage via SQLite. AIR itself is based on Webkit (as Safari).
You can install an AIR application just like a normal program and then launch it via Windows->Start->Programs for example.
There are also already testing tools like Flexenium, which is based on Selenium to test the UI, but also plugins for commercial products like Mercury Testrunner.

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