[JavaPolis2007] Be productive with JSF

Again a talk of two presenters - Ed Burns and Yara Senger. Like in tennis a double is more difficult to play than a single and although both are good and experienced presenters the talk had some hiccups.
What I really liked was how Ed set the stage by looking at the history of distributed app UI, which began with dumb terminals like PLATO (1960ies), Mainframes, IBM, .... The traction and popularity then went to systems like X-Window, Windows, MacOS, etc. But since 10 years the Web UI is the rising start.
After that the history of web framework war and struts was once again mentioned in a JSF talk and before going into JSF itself, its unique selling points were highlighted like the fact, that JSF is a standard, were backward compatibility is guaranteed and it will be part of every JavaEE 5 Server, so the developer and the deployer don't have to handle the jars them self.
Since the talk continued with the introductory style I went on an went to "Thinking in Flex".

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