[JavaPolis2007] - Day 1 - Seam in action - Part2

The second part of this session was delivered by two guys from Lunatech, so no Seam Commiters or JBoss employees.
Unfortunately one of the guys was hardly understandable since his French English was hard to follow.
The talk first started again with an intro to JSF and Seam-features.
Then they reported difficulties to migrate from Seam 1.2.1 to 2.0 which was partly due to the migration from JSF 1.1 to 1.2. This is a big contrast to Spring or Struts which do very conversative releases (drop-in replacements)
The documentation of seam was partly confusing especially if you where new to JSF, since the boarder between plain JSF and Seam is blurring and if you do not know the hard way (plain JSF) you do not get the easy way (example in Seam).
They really liked facelets, since it made it possible to use the plain HTML.
Starting problem with no layers as a start, since layering is optional in Seam. So they started simply with one layer, and later extracted a DAO layer.
They had problems with the supported UI testing, but it should get better in Seam 2.0. In container and integration testing was difficult to set up, so it was skipped.
Still they had some criticisms with seam

  • not URL-friendly pages
  • defaults to stateful
  • missing backward compatibility
  • confusing validation framework
    Regarding the future of Seam it probably is the next Struts and will be standardised with JSR-299 (WebBeans), but still needs to overcome some drawbacks like missing Restlest support and standardised Ajax architecture.
    All in all it was a nice talk with some nice pointers on how they struggled and what they liked and what they didn't. Still this part wasn't as good as the first part. It included some repetition from the first part and some rather basic code fragments were explained very long.

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