[JavaPolis2007] - Day 1 - Seam in action - Part1

In this talk Peter Muir, who is a Seam committer, gave a quick intro to JSF, EJB3, Seam and JBoss Tools.
Since many people knew already about JSF and EJB3 Peter only quickly introduced JSF and EJB with an example app, highlighting already some of the drawbacks of the plain usage of these technologies. Nice way to introduce Seam ;)
After that he showed how Seam makes life easier to use JSF and EJB3 as well as some further features.
Seam adds more scopes to the already familiar ones like event, session and application, which are page, conversation and business process.
It opens your Domain Model to be used via EL.
Enables Bijection wit @In and @Out annotations, so the objects get injected before and stored after the call to the method.
PersistenceContext flushes not on every method leaving this to the developer on when he want to (which makes cancels much easier).
Validation is put into one single place, and the used Hibernate validators, which is also usable with another JPA implementation like Toplink.
Finally he showed how to create, deploy and change a Seam application with the JBoss tools.
The tools nicely integrates nicely into Eclipse and I really liked wizards to create the applications and actions etc. Additionally it provides you with a visual preview which is synchronized with you code and if you click a component in the preview the corresponding source code gets highlighted.
Another feature which looked great to reduce development time was the hot deploy functionality. It enables not only code replacement within methods, but also the whole class signature could change. I only wonder if this is only possible with JBoss application server or also other webservers.

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