[JavaPolis2007] - Day 1 - Hudson

The last talk of the day that I went to was about Hudson, the continuous integration system.
Hudson ...

  • seems to get momentum, if you look at the increasing mailing list traffic, 35 plugins at the moment, and it is used in many public
    projects like Apache Lucene, Netbeans, ...
  • Hudson is build from ground up for extensibility, so even the core features are plugins and there is a special Maven support for plugin developers.
  • is runnable via commandline (which will start an embedded servlet container) or simply as a .war-file in an servlet container
  • has a nice UI
  • nice comfort functions (tag builds, see for how many builds a test already failed, ...)
  • Maven integration, so one doesn't have to configure Hudson to pic the javadoc from folder x, the test results form folder y etc. It simply reads the POM and knows where the stuff is.

    I definitely have to take a look at it. I worked already with Cruisecontrol and Luntbuild and although they are doing their jobs well, Hudson seems to go a step further.

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