Java EE 6 proposal sounds good

Yesterday the Java EE 6 proposal (JSR 316) was published and Rod Johnson did a nice commenting, why Java EE 6 Gets it Right.
Besides the necessary updates and improvements the biggest accomplishments would be deprecation/removal of old features and the so called profiles. The removal of old and unused features like EJB CMP (effectively replaced by JPA) and JAX-RPC (effectively replaced by JAX-WS),which are already mentioned in the JSR, is IMO long due.
The profiles are another hugh step forward, although I guess that only a few profiles will make it into the release and many other will have to what or will be added "unofficially" by the community.
It is a shame that it still takes so long for JavaEE 5 Servers to arrive (only BEA and Glassfish are final), an hopefully JavaEE 6 will be adopted faster.
Good luck and best wishes for the whole expert group!

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