Update on FirstLife

Hello everybody,
this is just a short notice about my life and what change in the last couple of months. I know I haven't blogged a lot about my private life lately but there have been quite a few big changes and all are great.
First Désirée and I married in June 2006. Désirée is the greatest wife in the world and I have to deeply thank her for all her love.
We had a great time at Gut Georgenberg for the church wedding with roughly 100 guests and a nice small marriage ceremony at Baltrum.
And last November started another exiting time, since we are expecting a baby in July. It is a amazing to see him grow and develop over this 9 months and we hope the best for the delivery.
Besides this private changes a couple of "work" changes occurred:
In May 2006 I started my MBA at the Open University Business School and so far I am very happy with it. Currently I take the Strategy course and the bunch of people in my study group here from Munich are also very nice. There are 1,5 more years to go and it takes a lot of time to do this, but the learning experience is good and I learned a lot. So I can highly recommend both, doing and MBA (if you haven't studied business already) and going for the Open University.
After three good years at Jato Consulting I decided to see the inner workings of another IT company. After looking at a couple of companies my choice fell on iteratec. It is a nice 80 person company with lots of technical and business expertise and a good atmosphere. They are doing very good with customers and employees alike. Hopefully I will find the time to blog a bit about my work here. :)
This was the update on my FirstLife, at least the big "new and noteworthy" things.
Take care everybody and see you around,

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