The Ten Commandments for Managers

1. Be humble: No one is as good as they think they are! (Or as bad either for that matter)

2. Listen: No one knows everything! Your job is to lead, not to be an expert on every issue!

3. Never get yourself into an economic situation where you can’t afford to tell the company to go to hell!

4. You have to risk your job in order to do your job! Losing your job is not the worst thing that can happen! (It can often be the best!)

5. Don’t worry about politics! In the long-term it is the results that count.

6. If you’re not passionate about what you are doing then go do something you are passionate about!

7. Make your decisions on facts! Intuition is better than no information at all, but facts are always best.

8. Always say your mind! You are paid for what’s in your head. If you think it but don’t say it, you are defrauding your employer.

9. Your employees work for you of their own free will!

10. Remember: The Company chose you as a manager, but your employees choose their own leaders!

Found at Kelly's Think Tank

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