MessAdmin - Nice notification system and session administration for Webapps

Recently I came across MessAdmin, which describes itself as:
Notification system and Session administration for J2EE Web Applications
The installation process is very easy, only drop in a .jar and some JSPs, add some lines to your web.xml and there you go. That's it.
Very nice. It passes the 5 minute test very well.
And I love the feature of sending a message to all users, which gets delivered the next time they access the system. So it is very easy to notify users of maintenance downtimes etc.
MessAdmin also provides a new TomcatManager-App where you get a lot of the functionality for all webapps. Can't Tomcat include this by default? Or make it possible to configure this?
The only drawbacks I could think of are performance and security. Anyone knows the performance impact of a servlet filter like the one in MessAdmin?

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