Best comment on an oneliner

Just red the Fishbowl and a blog entry on commenting. The best part was the following comment to a simple buffer.append(“\n”);

The newline before the title parameter below fixes CONF-4562. I have absolutely no idea HOW it fixes CONF-4562, but the simple fact that it does fix the problem indicates that I could spend my whole life trying to work out why and be none the wiser.

I suggest you don’t think too hard about it either, and instead contemplate the many joys that can be found in life — the sunlight reflecting off Sydney Harbour; walking through the Blue Mountains on a dew-laden Autumn morning; the love of a beautiful woman — this should in some way distract you from the insane ugliness of the code I am about to check in.

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t remove the damn newline.

I also liked the subheading of the blog:
tail -f /dev/mind > blog
Very geekisch :)

Posted by Karsten at 08.10.06 16:13