MessAdmin - Nice notification system and session administration for Webapps

Recently I came across MessAdmin, which describes itself as:
Notification system and Session administration for J2EE Web Applications
The installation process is very easy, only drop in a .jar and some JSPs, add some lines to your web.xml and there you go. That's it.
Very nice. It passes the 5 minute test very well.
And I love the feature of sending a message to all users, which gets delivered the next time they access the system. So it is very easy to notify users of maintenance downtimes etc.
MessAdmin also provides a new TomcatManager-App where you get a lot of the functionality for all webapps. Can't Tomcat include this by default? Or make it possible to configure this?
The only drawbacks I could think of are performance and security. Anyone knows the performance impact of a servlet filter like the one in MessAdmin?

Posted by Karsten at 16.03.06 15:06 | TrackBack

Performance: great care has been taken to minimize the performance impact on the host webapp. MessAdmin is very lightweight CPU and memory-wise.

Security: I agree the default configuration of MessAdmin can be insecure. You really need to use Java EE declarative security to protect the administration servlet, and JMX security to protect JMX access.

As for including the new Tomcat Manager in the official Tomcat distribution... Well, I still have to send in the patch in BugZilla! O:-)

Posted by: Cédrik at 02.04.06 21:47
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