First steps with AndroMDA

The last couple of days I decided to give MDA in gerneral and especially AndroMDA (Model Driven Architecture Framework) a try.
The website looks good and there was a quite good getting started section as well. Still I encountered a lot of problems which I want to describe here.
First the site only states as a dependency regarding Maven: "Just make sure you are using the latest version, Maven 1.0.2 or higher is recommended". So I gave Maven 2.0.2 a try. Which was not working at all with the rest of the documentation, so I tried Maven 1.0.2 and it worked.
Second was MagicDraw as UML-Tool. I downloaded the newest version (10.5), which was again a fault. AndroMDA is only working with 9.5.
Third issue was doing some simple modelling in MagicDraw and saving the file as XMI. Running maven mda failed miserably, due to wrong dependencies. Then I encountered the solution: Open the generated myproject.xmi file under myprojec\mda\src\uml in MagicDraw and start working from there.
Lastly I wanted to look at the sourcecode and starting to edit it, but integrating all this maven things into my Eclipse brought up some other problems so I decided to stop this experiment at least for a while.
I hope the AndroMDA Team will either update their starting section or adjust their tool to work with the newer tools.

Posted by Karsten at 23.02.06 09:50 | TrackBack


did you try openArchitecturware (oAW) + Poseidon for UML + Eclipse? I tried it - it is not bad. Poseidon for UML Communitiy Edition makes problems when you try to save a few larger diagrams. But oAW acts good.

Posted by: seid maglajlic at 23.02.06 13:10

openArchitecturware is next on my list.
Will give it a try - hopefully soon :)

Posted by: Karsten Voges at 23.02.06 13:53
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