Webinar on Geronimo

I just attended a Introduction to Apache Geronimo 1.0 Webinar, presented by Jeff Genender, which was my first Webinar ever. It was strange to see slides in a special Java-Applet viewer and it was possible to type in questions although I did not post any and I haven't seen someone else raising questions via chat.
The webinar was just a simple intro covering the basics. Most of the webinar was familiar to me, since I tried moving an app from Tomcat to Geronimo and played with Geronimo a bit.
Still Jeff Genender did a good job in introducing the basics.
And I must say, that I liked the webinar type of learing since it is nice to see slides and have audio with it. I just wonder how big my telephone bill will be like, since I had to call an number in the US :( Wouldn't it be better to stream this via Internet? It can't be a money reason, since the number was toll free for the US (not internationally :( ). It can't be for security reason, since it was possible to register for the webinar with dummy values for free.
So where is the next webinar to attend? ;)

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