Hibernate 3.1 and Spring 2.0?

I wonder when is the right time to migrate from Hibernate 3.0.5 to Hibernate 3.1.x (see hibernate.org - Hibernate3 Migration Guide) and from Spring 1.2.x to 2.0?
Has anyone acomplished this migration? I know that Spring is just in the Milestones Release phase but they plan to release the final version in Spring ;) I guess. And Hibernates seams to get stable on their 3.1 branch.
Are there any issues migrating to the new Hibernate jar only? I saw something in Spring's JIRA (http://opensource2.atlassian.com/projects/spring/browse/SPR-1354) but it seams like Spring just doesn't care about this upgrade, which would be nice.
So I might give the new Hibernate Release a try first and update Spring later in a couple of month.

Posted by Karsten at 30.01.06 09:14 | TrackBack

I've had no issues upgrading AppFuse and Equinox from Hibernate 3.0.5 to 3.1 (and 3.1.2). However, I did notice that GenericDialect seems to be removed in 3.1. I'm using Spring 1.2.6.

Posted by: Matt Raible at 30.01.06 15:10

Thanks Matt for your response.
I hope to persuade my boss to do the transition 2 the new Hibernate release. I hat it when the online docs are more up-to-date than the jar I am using.

Posted by: Karsten Voges at 30.01.06 16:55
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