Ordered Code Reading and ship it!

As T-Consultants/Programmers we are dealing with code everyday. And I mus confess that I learned the most about programming and designing systems by reading others code. Currently I have to learn a lot on the job, because one of our lead programmers is leaving and knowledge transfer started. To accomplish this a bit better I ordered today Spinellis: Code Reading: The Open Source Perspective, which sounds like a real great book.
I also ordered Ship it! from the PragmaticProgrammers. I hope that at least one of the books is arriving before I leave for holidays.

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Googlefight - and the winner is ...

Just came across Google Fight
Try out who is better:
Google Fight : Your girlfriend vs Pamela Anderson
Google Fight : Microsoft vs Linux

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Ja zu Grün! Ja zu Joschka!

Es it Wahlkampf in Deutschland und die Grünen haben - wie immer - den coolsten Wahlkampf: GRUENE-AKTION.
Gerade auch Internetmässig einfach weltklasse.
Die Ecards die es dort gibt würde ich am liebsten Massenweise verschicken, wie:
Ja zu Joschka!

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Error caused by PHP within Tomcat

Just encountered an error at Digital Radio

Warning: Too many connections in /var/jakarta-tomcat-4.1.27/webapps/digitalradio/export/digitalradio.de/php/dopublics/HverDB.php on line 437

It was reproducable by hitting reload for a couple of times.
I wonder why they run PHP inside of tomcat.
And I wonder why they still use tomcat 4.1. This is soooo old.
Here is the Screenshot:

See more of my errorspotting

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Why Accenture etc. isn't doing consulting

Hey all you Accenture, Roland Berger, Bearing Point, ... girls and guys out there, 90% of you isn't doing consulting.! Why? Read What is Consulting?, which is a great article from Bruce Eckel.

Lots of people that call themselves consultants do things that I would not personally consider consulting. I think consulting is when you have some kind of special expertise -- come by through hard struggle and learning -- that you transfer to a group of people, in a relatively short period of time, and in a way that is unique for that group. I also think that consulting involves addressing particular issues faced by that group.
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