Eclipse 3.1RC2 with WTP rocks

Today I decided to give the new Eclipse Release Candidate 2 (3.1RC2) a chance.
It is amazing how fast it is and how smooth it is running. I really like the features the Eclipse team introduced with 3.1.
And I am astonished about the Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project. I tried the latest Integration build (I20050617)
and it is flying as well. The JSP editor is solid and I love the autocomplete feature. The XML editor looks good, and that is all I need atm.
So I can recommend the new Eclipse 3.1. Go for it!

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Cause Windows-Bluescreen with simple HTML page

Just read on my favourite it news site that any website can cause a Windows-Bluescreen. And that an many browsers including Firefox and IE, but excluding Firefox 1.1 and Opera 8.
Still it looks like a hugh vulernability.
I tried it myself and the whole machine crached not recovering at all.
And all this with merely 5 lines of plain HTML:

<IMG SRC="./sweetydead.jpg" width="9999999" height="9999999">

Read more at: heise online - Windows-Bluescreen bei Anzeige zu großer Bilder im Browser

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Switching to Roller nad dumping MovableType

Today I made a decision. After my unsuccessful upgrade to MovableType 3.1 I am at a point where I think it is time for a new weblog software. Therefore I decided to go for Roller, which is a Java based open-source solution. MovableType is both - vendor locked and non-Java.
I hate it to rely on code where I have no clue at all. (What the heck is perl ;) ) The only bad thing is that I have to switch hosting to get some Tomcat hosting, or I move the weblog over to my VServer.
Anyone with suggestions?
You might wonder why I chose Roller. THis is out of two reasons:
It poweres a two great sites: jroller.com and the sun bloggers.
It looks more sophisticated than blojsom or snipsnap or ...

And I recognized Matt Raible on the commiter list of Roller ;)
I just wonder if I should go for the source code and build it myself or take the finished tar?

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