Tech Talk Video with Matt Raible

Just listened to the Tech Talk Video with Matt Raible over on TheServerSide. Nice to see him talk, although there isn't much great and new in his interview.
I am currently trying to base a new app on equinox and it is a cool base. But more on my difficulties there later.

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JAX 2005: Craig Russell about EJB 3.0

Craig Russell from SUN talked at JAX yesterday. His talk was about the history and current issues in persistence. He claimed that “EJB 3.0 is the holy grail after the persistence war”.
I wonder if this is true, but the future might tell.
For him EJB 3.0 is a mixture of Hibernate, TopLink and JDO.
JDBC 4.0 will bring a mapping of ResultSets to JavaBeans, which is one of the greatest news IMO, and much nice than this EJB 3.0 is so coooool hype bullshit.
Craigs take away thoughts were:

  • Domain Object Model is king (so become an expert)
  • EJB 3.0 is becoming (whatever, whenever, …)

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  • JAX 2005: JSF Workshop

    I decided to go for this workshop out of two reasons:
    First we are currently starting a new project with one of our clients at Jato Consulting where we might haven’t decided the view component yet.
    Second JSF is a standard an one of my co-workers advocates standards.
    I must admit that I do not like Struts, mainly because I think that Rod Johnson is right about what he criticizes on the design of Struts. So JSF is – as a kind of standardized follow up of Struts – not my best choice at first hand.
    Nevertheless I also must admit that I haven’t looked at JSF in detail.
    After this Workshop: JSF looks like a cool concept.
    But besides being a standard I miss the USP of JSF (unique selling point of Java ServerFaces). Ok JSF got converters, which are nice, but still I miss the Aha- or Wow-Effect.
    The best part of the presentation was the CD with a running Eclipse-JSF-Tomcat-Tutorial-Environment. Excelent to have all this set up, including a clean Ant-Build. Nice.
    But besides this the workshop wasn’t really good. There were too many people. So there where JDK Problems here, deployment problems there… And there was nothing to do in the meanwhile, mainly because the Workshop character was missing. It was mainly a presentation including a CD with code and some setup issues. :(
    And I also – as always – get the impression that most developers are bad presenter. So I guess that I won’t go to a workshop at JAX anymore, but rather go for the management day.

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    JAX 2005: Intro

    The main part of the JAX 2005 started today with the three day conference full of sessions. There are more than 100 speakers in 128 Sessions. Wow. Unfortunately I might only be able to see hardly 20 of them. :(
    There are 45 companies having stalls in the lobby and a total of two soccer tables :)
    Compared to the W-JAX, which I attended in November 2004, this JAX is amazingly big. I guess that there are more than 1000 people here at the moment. But the Congress Center in Frankfurt is a convenient and nice location.
    I am looking forward to the parties tonight and tomorrow night including the free beer :)

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    JAX 2005 started today

    Today I made my way to Frankfurt with the ICE Sprinter to attend the JAX, a conference on Java, XML and WebServices in Germany. It is my second Java conference after the W-JAX last november.
    Today is ManagementDay or WorkshopDay.
    The management day focuses on SW-Development approaches and techniques like estimating, agile development etc.
    I am currently sitting in a workshop on JSF. But later more about this.

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