Hommingberger Gepardenforelle

The german magazine for computer and technology - c't - has started a competition about the phrase "Hommingberger Gepardenforelle".
The competition is about getting the best rank in google.de at the 10th of may and the 15th december, both at 11 o'clock GMT -1.
I think it is a funny competition since a couple of days ago merely one page was listet for this phrase. Just a few days later you hit half a million pages for this phrase. Amazing.
I wonder where this will lead.
There even exists already a page at Wikipedia.
I wonder if I get listed with this, if google might delete all sites with this special phrase (Hommingberger Gepardenforelle has no real meaning at all), and who the winner will be.
Maybe I have to set up my own link farm, just to get google to believe, that my site is the real home of the this Hommingberger Gepardenforelle. For those none native speakers either have a look at leo.org or read on:

Hommingberger means that the origin is from the small village of Hommingberg
Gepard means cheetah
and forelle means trout

So, all in all, it is a special fish from the middle of nowhere called Hommingberg, which looks like a mixture of trout and cheetah (Gepardenforelle).
I wonder when the first pictures of this creature will appear.
Good luck everybody and might the best site win. ;)

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Open Source Survey Tool (Java)

Due to my job at Jato Consulting I am currently looking at survey tools. We need a highly customizable solution (LDAP integration, access to our own role based security system, integration with existing data basis, ...) of a survey tool and I was wondering if there are any solutions out there.
It has to be Java based since all the above mentioned integration parts are in the J2EE world.
So far I found four survey tools, which are OpenSource and written in Java:

  • ePoll provided by Jcorporate and based on their famous Expresso Framework which I already worked with.
    Still it seams a bit heavy to use the Expresso Framework merely to have some Survey/Polling features.
  • SurveyTool is hosted at java.net, but not a lot of information is available at their site and I do not like the idea of having to use a full blown app server to run a survey.
  • JSP Survey Library hosted at SourceForge, but with no real release yet, only CVS access. But looks from the screenshots promising. Maybe I will give this one a try. And Carnegie Mellon University sounds like a good background for a project.
  • VTSurvey comes from another university (Virgina Tech) and is also hosted at SourceForge. From the release number (2.2.3) it sounds pretty stable. But what made me hesitate is the fact that it stores the data into XML on the filesystem. I definitely prefer a DB solution for persistence of the survey data.

    Who has got experience with any of these tools?
    Can anyone suggest another open source survey tool written in java?

    PS: if you post a comment, please be aware of the fact, that all comments with a ".com" in it get denied by my spam blocker. It is sad, but I had a lot of comment spam and with this I reduced it totally.

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  • 15.04.05

    Yoda teaches the right development attitude

    One of the best articles about the attitude a developer should have, was posted by Ted Neward at his blog - The Mountain of Worthless Information.
    Seams like Yoda is one of the best teachers ever.

    Luke: All right, I'll try.
    Yoda: (emphatically) NO. Do, or do not. There is no try.

    Ted Neward changes this to:
    Ted: (emphatically) NO. The system is, or it is not. There is no should.

    So never say: "The system should ...".
    Instead ask yourself: "What are my assumptions and do they always hold, or is there a flaw somewhere?"
    This way you will find the truth.

    PS: This works only in a non Microsoft based development environment. If you develop MS Access never make the assumption of a functioning system.

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    Best of breed OpenSource in MacOS X

    Nice to see what Apple uses for OpenSource products:
    Apple - Open Source
    Reads a bit like best of breed. And no wonder that Apple gets a lot of credibility in the developer community.
    When the new Tiger gets bundled with the MacMini, I really have to get myself one.

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    Bloglines caught me

    After reading a lot about Bloglines, I decided it was time to give it a try. Now I do not have to look around at my favourite sites by myself. All gets aggregated into my online feedreader: Bloglines | karstenvoges's Blogs
    I get notified of changes in the browser via a Firefox extension and I can easliy subscribe blogs to it.
    I just love it.
    It is especially great for blogs with high quality but less frequent entries. I do not miss them anymore and I do not have to look at things I read already since they automatically disappear.
    Great stuff.
    I just wonder when I have to pay for it.

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    Geekcorps: Development assistance in IT

    Already a couple of weeks ago I stumbled accross Geekcorps.org. It is an organization, which sends geeks (= "computer freak" for those readers who do not belong to this group ;)) to developing countries. Very interesting area.
    I envied doctors, nurses etc. for being able to do development assistance. At least they are far more often in the news about doing it. But it is nice to read, that even as a computer scientist you are able to help. And I would like to do it. The drawback, as in every other cool thing, like MBA, that they want at least three years of professional experience. Damn. I am still in my first year, so it's at least two more years before I can go on with exciting things like this.
    And it is good to read that there are a couple of more organizations out there for this development assisstence in IT.
    Has anyone already experience with this?
    Anyone else interested in this kind of work?

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