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So JavaPolis is over since yesterday. I finally made it back home to a reliable network, so I can blog again.
After submitting the first entry directly on Monday I was never again able to post a new blogentry through the crapy WLAN there.
So I will try to post about more of the talks here. Keep up-to-date for the next few days. I will list them here:

  • JavaPolis started today
  • [JP] Day 1 - Business Rules and Drools
  • [JP] Day 1 - BOF on Eclipse RCP
  • [JP] Day 2 - Spring Middle Tier and Spring 2.0
  • [JP] Day 2 - Radrace
  • [JP] Day 4 - Glassfish
  • [JP] Day 5 - DataBase Refactoring

    Some facts and figures about JavaPolis:

    2.100+ JavaPolian
    150+ Speakers
    from 43 countries (Germany on 3rd place); no one from Portugal. Already last year there was noone from Portugal attending JavaPolis, so there must be something wrong with this country. Are they only doing .NET??
    48% Belgians compared to 70% Belgians in 2004.
    The slides will be faster available than last time, but the DVD hast to wait until March 2006 onwards.
    The content will be spread to Javalobby (Conference Day 1), TheServerSide (Conf. Day 2), JavaPolis Wiki (Conf. Day 3), InfoQ (some content) and others.

    11.500 registered wiki-members

    This was by far the best conference I attended ever. So I can highly recommend to go there if you are into Java. Thanks guys at BeJUG for making this happen!!!

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