[JP] Day 2 - Radrace

There was a RAD Race going on the second day at JavaPolis and the next day was the winner anouncement. If you want further information about RAD Race go to radrace.org and see all the details to the setting, rules, etc.
These are the main things you should keep in mind, when doing a RAD Race:

  • Know your tools and know them well.
  • Make a choice and stick to it.
  • forget "flavour of the month"
  • good habits never fail:
    + data modeling
    + no beta software
    + know your tools

    There were 3 winning teams. Oracle JDeveloper was used by 2 of the 3 winners. Oracle send one of their ADF-Champions into the RAD race.

    Further details on who used which tools will get posted on the JavaPolis Wiki.

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