[JP] JavaPolis started today

After attending JAX and W-JAX, two Java conferences in Germany, I thought it is time to step up on an international level. The bad sideeffect is the 8 hours journey by train. Luckily I had some sleep on my way here in the German high-speed train ICE.

I was already impressed when I arrieved here. There are hundreds of young people here speaking plenty of european languages. The conference is held in a big movie theatre, so each room is hugh, each room got a hugh, hugh screen and a great sound system, very, very comfortable seats - not so comfortable with a laptop :( - lots, lots of space for the seats. The drawbacks are missing powersupply at my seat, nothing to put the laptop an, besides my knees, and an expensive Wi-Fi for 50 Euro for five days. It really sucks to pay for this at a conference but hey it's the low-cost JavaPolis so I forgive this. Today is University Day and I went to "BusinessRules/Drools" and "EJB 3.0", but more on this later.

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