[JP] Day 1 - BOF on Eclipse RCP

This was the latest event on JavaPolis first day (21:40 - 22:40) and not a real presentation, but rather a discussion and demo form.
One of the participants told us from his company and how they decided to go for Eclipse RCP directly when it was announced. The funny part was, that they were looking at Eclipse at a base for their own RichClientApps even before Eclipse announced the RCP.
So the announcement came at the right moment for them to say yes we will take Eclipse as a base, since they even will offer some kind of support for this now.
Later we saw a nice demonstration on how easy it is to build your own RCP. The demo app was an Ebay browser and bidder. I really have to find either some spare time or a way to sell this technology to a client so that I can experiment a bit with it.
Wayne Beaton (RCP Evangelist) was a really good demonstrator and made this BOF a quick and deep one. Thanks.

PS: If you are already using Eclipse RCP or Eclipse itself and you are missing a feature, got a question, found a bug, or similar, Wayne encouraged everybody to use bugzilla to raise these issues.

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