Ordered Code Reading and ship it!

As T-Consultants/Programmers we are dealing with code everyday. And I mus confess that I learned the most about programming and designing systems by reading others code. Currently I have to learn a lot on the job, because one of our lead programmers is leaving and knowledge transfer started. To accomplish this a bit better I ordered today Spinellis: Code Reading: The Open Source Perspective, which sounds like a real great book.
I also ordered Ship it! from the PragmaticProgrammers. I hope that at least one of the books is arriving before I leave for holidays.

Posted by Karsten at 30.08.05 13:49 | TrackBack

I hope you enjoy Code Reading.



Posted by: Diomidis Spinellis at 01.09.05 11:21

Hi Diomidis,
I read only good things about it, so it must be good ;)
And I hope to find the time to post a short review here when I am done. Will give you a note about that.

Posted by: Karsten Voges at 01.09.05 11:36
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