Cause Windows-Bluescreen with simple HTML page

Just read on my favourite it news site that any website can cause a Windows-Bluescreen. And that an many browsers including Firefox and IE, but excluding Firefox 1.1 and Opera 8.
Still it looks like a hugh vulernability.
I tried it myself and the whole machine crached not recovering at all.
And all this with merely 5 lines of plain HTML:

<IMG SRC="./sweetydead.jpg" width="9999999" height="9999999">

Read more at: heise online - Windows-Bluescreen bei Anzeige zu großer Bilder im Browser

Posted by Karsten at 09.06.05 12:30 | TrackBack

Cool. I just have my new site banner =)

Posted by: anonymous at 10.06.05 09:51

It doesn't crash either Firefox or IE on my Win XP.

Posted by: at 10.06.05 22:30
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