JAX 2005: Craig Russell about EJB 3.0

Craig Russell from SUN talked at JAX yesterday. His talk was about the history and current issues in persistence. He claimed that “EJB 3.0 is the holy grail after the persistence war”.
I wonder if this is true, but the future might tell.
For him EJB 3.0 is a mixture of Hibernate, TopLink and JDO.
JDBC 4.0 will bring a mapping of ResultSets to JavaBeans, which is one of the greatest news IMO, and much nice than this EJB 3.0 is so coooool hype bullshit.
Craigs take away thoughts were:

  • Domain Object Model is king (so become an expert)
  • EJB 3.0 is becoming (whatever, whenever, …)

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