Geekcorps: Development assistance in IT

Already a couple of weeks ago I stumbled accross Geekcorps.org. It is an organization, which sends geeks (= "computer freak" for those readers who do not belong to this group ;)) to developing countries. Very interesting area.
I envied doctors, nurses etc. for being able to do development assistance. At least they are far more often in the news about doing it. But it is nice to read, that even as a computer scientist you are able to help. And I would like to do it. The drawback, as in every other cool thing, like MBA, that they want at least three years of professional experience. Damn. I am still in my first year, so it's at least two more years before I can go on with exciting things like this.
And it is good to read that there are a couple of more organizations out there for this development assisstence in IT.
Has anyone already experience with this?
Anyone else interested in this kind of work?

Posted by Karsten at 03.04.05 18:48 | TrackBack

No matter that you only have one year's experience, apply now so we can start considering you for projects down the road. Who knows, you might be the only person who has the right skills at the right time!

Posted by: wayan at 14.09.05 23:59
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