How-to install Java (j2sdk1.4) on debian woody

Finally I made it and got Java and Jira running on my vserver.
But here is how it begans and how I made it:
So I got myself a vserver at nodeeps.de already 6 weeks ago. I was playing a bit around with it lately, I want to get Jira running on it. And therefore I needed to install a new JDK on it.
And this was a very, very big issue.
I finally found a way, which I want to describe here:
First of all: I grew up with a mac and since a while I use Windows. So my linux knowledge is limited to some shell commands. And the vserver has no confixx or similar, so putty was the way to go.
After reading around debian.org I realised that Java on a Debian Linux is not that easy, since it is non-free, non-open source. And therefore not included in the nice apt-get functionality.
apt-get is great, but If your package is not there it sucks.
But the following step by step guidance is a great starting point:
Java on Debian
I just had a couple of issues with the debian integration, so I skiped it and merely installed the JDK. And it works.
But then I also stumbled across Java Platform 2 Version 1.4.x for Linux which led to the Blackdown Java-Linux Java 2 SE v1.4.2-01.
But the installation instructions there were not the best either. The problem was my vserver runs a debian woody, but the jdk has dependencies resolved in the new debian sarge only. (it is the libc6, which needs to be >=libc6 2.3.2.ds1-4, but libc6 2.2.5-14.3 is the one in shipped in woody)
With the help of apt-get-org I managed to get the new libc6 by including the follwing line in /etc/apt/sources.list

deb http://www.linex.org/sources/linex/debian sarge linex

Then I managed to install the j2sdk1.4 package from the site mentioned at the blackdown.org site
I unpacked Jira, exported JAVA_HOME, and started Jira with the startup script.
Tata, there it is ....
Up and running.
WOW. Now I only need to put the JAVA_HOME into /etc/profile; setup Jira with MySQL; hide it behind firewall; include it in the startup script to auto-start; ....
But the biggest thing is done and I am getting familiar with the command line and learned a lot about debian and linux.

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send me j2sdk1.4

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