Macworld generates wishlist (Mac mini + iPod shuffle)

Macworld Expo started in San Francisco yesterday and generated a big wishlist. First of all I must admit that I miss my Mac since I switched to a PC three years ago. And now it seams like the best time to switch back. The new Mac mini is a reasonable cheap entry to the mac world. It would be nicer to have a G5 though, but hey, it's cheap (< 500 Euro) and it includes a lot of software already.
The next thing is the new Mac OS X 10.4 (Codename Tiger) which is due soon. The list of new features is amazing an Apple definetly makes the best OS. Especially for Java development.
And last but not least I would like to get the brand new iPod shuffle. 22g light and with 1GB for 150 Euro.
I have already a iPod, 10GB Generation 2, and my girlfriend got one, 40GB Generation 3. So I think of selling mine and getting the iPod shuffle.
I merely need to convince myself to throw some money away for gadgets ;)

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