MovableType 3.121 not working

Finally the pressure grew and I installed MovableType 3.121 and hated it from the beginning. Nothing worked and it made me a lot of troubles.
The upgrade did not work for a reason I do not know.
So I made a clean install, but with no success either. After deleted the whole webserver and running a totally clean install it all finally went up and running again. Wow. I just needed some further time to adjust the templates, style, install the blacklist etc. It is a heck lot to do all in all and I hoped it simply is an upgrade script. To bad it didn't worked.
after a couple of days up and running with 3.121 I went back to the old version, cuz it simply sucked. The administration wasn't working with neither firefox nor mozilla, it simply screwed the whole page up.
So never touch a running system.
I missed a couple of comments and I really liked the comment approval thing in 3.121 but I want a smoothly running blog and therefore I had to switch back.
If I find the time I will make a trial install on my backup weblog and play a bit around with it before upgrading my main blog again and screw it all again.
Had anyone else had problems with 3.121 as well?
Is the not working styles.css know at SixApart?

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Why is blogging so unpopular in Germany

The last couple of days I went to W-JAX, a java conference with 500 other attendees, and nobody, really nobody blogged about it. WOW!
Unbelievable in the US, just have a look at javablogs.com and type in ApacheCon and you get a couple of results.
Why is nobody blogging over here in good old europe? Are we to shy? Is it a problem of adaption (nobody does it therefore nobody tries it) ?
But at least some people must read blogs, since some people recognized my name from my badge ("Hey, aren't u the guy with the weblog?").
Or is it a language thing? There aren't really blogs out there about programming in plain old German.
mmmhhh. makes me wonder why I am blogging in English most of the time. Well, I guess it is because English is the language of the web and I want to give more people the opportunity to consume the trash I blog. And I want to tell the world out there, what is going on in Germany, that we got great Java conferences as well, that we know how to write code, vote for a good government ;) and are rather poor in writing English. At least according to my beloved mother.

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Nice sessions at W-JAX

Today was the first session day at W-JAX and I enjoyed it a lot. Most of the sessions were very interesting and I must admit, that I learned a lot today. I have been to the following sessions, ordered by my favourites:

  1. O/R Mapping
  2. J2EE Security - WebApps
  3. Development of Eclipse Plugins
  4. Tomcat 5 and Apache 2 in Clusters
  5. JMX

Three Keynotes by Compuware, Microsoft and Sun were interesting but nothing special. Hopefully I find some more time tomorrow to tell you about the most interesting parts and further details from the W-JAX sessions.

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Management Day at W-JAX

Today was the management day at W-JAX with nine presentations in total. This is just a brief summary of what happend on day one and my thoughts about the presentation and the conference in total. Probably none of you who is not from Germany knows W-JAX. It is a conference on Java, XML and WebServices and organized by the publisher Software & Support Verlag and presented by the Java Magazin and the XML & Web Services Magazin.
Since we got winter now it is the W-JAX, while in summer they present the JAX. ;)
But now to the sessions in detail:

Chances and Riscs of J2EE Projects
this one was presented by openknowledge and not too good. Additionally they went totally overtime and had their hands in the pocket all the time. Big minus on that one.
New for me was that J2EE includes a development process, and I recalled a lack in my knowledge about the security features and roles J2EE is providing.
Freedom of Choice = Ordeal of Choice
Interesting fact: J2EE sums up to more than 10.000 pages
Crux: customer got an individual problem, but J2EE provides a general solution platform

Planning, estimating and correcting in agile projects
This was a good one and I will write more about it later.

Model based project management
very sales-like presentation.
Not a lot of interesting news. Just the moving the Model based approach from development to project management.

SOA - Beyond the buzzwords
SOA Wrappers around big monolithic applications is not the right SOA approach. Instead one should split the business process in smaller pieces and gain a deeper understanding of the business process on the fly.

Make, take or buy?
One of the best presentations today was from Mathema Software. It highlighted the three decisions possibilities (Make, take or buy) from the viewpoint of developers (his favourite is make, since it makes more fun, comes with freedom and involves coding) as well as from the Management (who favours Buy, because the like to have someone to sue if something goes wrong).
Big dilemma; if neither 'Buy' nor 'Make' are possible, because the first is not available and the second to expensive , many companies adjust their business process to an existing software instead. Wow. That's the big power of companies like SAP.

Tools for J2EE application performace
This was an english presentation from a funny dutch java advocat from Quest. The first product centric presentation and the funniest so far.
The tools looked not to bad, but the presentation was very confusing and a bit hectic. I guess I have to take a look at their booth they got in the entrance hall.

MDA and UML2
Abstraction is not a higher level view. It sometimes can mean that, but it isn't just that. That was the major part of this speech, and I liked it.

Interative development
The waterfall process was a missunderstanding. The father of it, W. Royce, saw it only for small and easy projects and even then with an iteration of two or three times, with is already an iterative process.
Agile gets less in each iteration.
Not estimation of what is missing, but estimating the probility of getting it done for the iteration.

social dynamics in projects
Strenght of programmers: Analysing and abstraction, complex technical issues
Weacknesses: integral perception (Fear, politics, ...)

So that was Day One: Management Day.
Tomorrow is the main conference and I hope to find some time next night to give some further insights into it.

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First day at W-JAX conference over

The first day at my first Java conference is over and I enjoyed it a lot, although my brain got a bit dizzy to follow it all.
Luckily I got a ticket for the famous SechsTageRennen (SixDayRace) which is a cycling competition here in Munich. So I got to go but I hope to find some power and time tonight to blog a bit about the Sessions held today and my impression of this conference.

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Plenty of new releases out

Seams like I missed a lot of releases lately:
MovableType reached 3.12 and I am still stuck to 2.6x. This is definitly on my upgrade to do list.
Apache Jakarta Tomcat 5.5.4 is the first Tomcat 5.5.x which is declared stabe release by the team.
Apache Struts 1.2.4 and I haven't worked with Struts since 1.1.x, so it is another item on my list.
Firefox is out and I am still stuck with Mozilla.
and the list goes on. I hope to find some time this week to update.

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W-JAX starts tomorrow

Tomorrow starts W-JAX a conference on Java, XML and Web Services. I have never been to a Programmer's conference and therefore I am looking forward to it. All in all it will be four days and I really apreaciate my bosses at Jato Consulting for giving me the opportunity to go there. It is here at munich so unfortunately it does not involve any travelling, but it's not to bad to stay home.
The greatest highlight I can see is the speach of James Gosling, but I am also looking forward to all that sessions.
I hope I can find the time to write some news at the end of each day here.
So stay tuned for the latest news from W-JAX. ;)

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EA story is tue

After reading the report about working for EA and blogging about it I wondered if the story is true, but my favourite computer news site wrote about this weblog report as well (heise online - Kein Spaß bei Electronic Arts).
And they are mentioning that some employees are preparing a class-action suit. Wow. It really seams to be bad.

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EA sucks

Wow, just read the article of a spouse from a EA programmer (ea_spouse). It is amazing how cruel EA is to their employees.
I wonder how a company can survive with this attitude.

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Hibernate 3.0 = EJB 3.0

In an interview at JavaFree.com.br
Gavin King talks about Hibernate 3, EJB 3 and OR in general.
It was new to me, that Hibernate 3.0 will be an implementation of the EJB 3.0 specification. But no wonder, since Gavin works now for JBoss. So Hibernate becomes an 'offical' standard? Not bad, since it is good technology, but a bit smellie IMO. So JBoss got already the implementation of an upcoming specification. How? they just put someone into the JCP. Nice move.
It's a nice interview. Go check it out.

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Change a project in eclipse to Java?

After I checked out a project from CVS, and forgetting to check it out as a Java Project, I couldn't get it changed.
Does anyone know how to change a project to a new kind of project?
Or to change one from Java to Tomcat?
It really sucks to remove the project and then create it new with the wizards. I could not get it changed with the project properties.
Can anyone help?

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great install tool: MyJavaPack

Matt Raible hinted me to MyJavaPack a nice open source installer of Java developer goodies (e.g. Eclipse, Ant, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat, ...).
That's a good thing to install a complete infrastructure on a new machine. Looks like a great tool.

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A plea to America: Vote Kerry!

If you are an American and you are allowed to vote, please go voting and please vote for Kerry.
The whole world (especially the good part of it!) is against Bush and for Kerry. I was already seven times in the USA (between 1984 and 1996) and know some Americans and therefore can understand your feelings after 9-11, but please, please stop Bush and vote for Kerry.
Thank you!!

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