Sun's letter to Eclipse "Get Serious"

Just read at the JDJ Sun's open letter to Eclipse "Get Serious".
It is very interesting to read this letter after the decision of Sun not to join Eclipse consortium but also after Eclipse tries to get away from IBM.
In my opinion IBM put a lot of effort into Eclipse and I never thought that the leadership of IMB was any harm to Eclipse, but rather an advantage, but some people might think different about it.
I am already looking forward to see what is going on in the community about this.

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Articles from Martin Fowler

Since I got across the site of Martin Fowler I read regular one of his articles. The quality is outstanding, but after you read one of his books you know what to expect.
Lately I read his three most popular articles:
The New Methodology | Is Design Dead? | Continuous Integration.

I liked the Methodology one very much since it compared agile development processes a bit and mentions some which I never heard about and also Open Source development is mentioned as development process. I never thought about this, but it makes sense, since most of the Open Source projects share a common approach to develop an manage the development. Not onlybecause of this insight this article is my most favourite so far.

Design is Dead?
just read this article today. It is about wheter design is still needed today and ...

Continuous Integration
In this article you learn how important continuous integration is and how easy it is after you set up the process properly. This made me think a lot and I also think about introducing a fully automated integration process in the company I work for at the moment (MojoKnows). It is a tedious hassle to set up and introduce, but I think the benefits are overcoming the drawbacks. This articel is also worth reading.

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w.blogger is a nice tool

This is my first blog with the w.bloggar tool and I must admit that I like the comfortable way of adding links, color, bold, etc. Although I have DSL connection I think it is nice to blog offline and just let it connect for the updates.
The only feature I miss is to edit templates of my Movabletype installation. This would be awesome.
From now on, you can look forward to some styled entries.

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Maybe it is a big mouth for me to talk already about architecture, but I just got across Martin Fowlers article Who needs architects.
Btw. this is about software architects, sorry to disappoint you old fashioned architects.;)
The best part of this article is the definition of architecture from Ralph Johnson. It is simple put very precise IMO. Ok, it lacks the objectivity, but that is what I like about the definition.
he simply states that architecture is what the senior or expert developers define as architecture in the way they make decisions and design the structure of the system.
ok, ok, Ralph Johnson explained it better, but for those who are lazy and for me in the future I wanted to put it into my own words.

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Martin Fowler and Rod Johnson

Just came across the nice blog of great Martin Fowler. Looks promising, I really like the way he explains complicated things. Just read his nice article about Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern. He really knows what he is talking about and it was also nice, to see, that Rod Johnson contributed to this article. Rod Johnson is one of the J2EE architects that I admire. Most of what he is saying is profound and well thought through.
I bought his book Expert One-on-One: J2EE Design and Development. I just read a couple of chapters but they where worth the time.
Just wander how it would be to meet once with these guys, but since I am just a bloody starter, still doing his master at university I presume that it will never happen.

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Debt of Honour - Part 2

yes, I finally made it to page 900 and finished this book.
I really liked it, although there are a lot of prejudices in there against Japanese. But from what I got to know there some of them got a bit of truth in them.
The bad – or good? - thing about “Debt of Honour” is, that it ends with a climax, so now I have to read “Executive Orders” which starts where “Debt of Honour” ends.
And I just saw that there are already some movies based on Tom Clancy’s books like “The Hunt for red October”, more at IMDB
Looks like he is quite successful writer but I like his style of writing.

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Penguine Parade

Yesterday evening Kathy and Christine came to visit me and Mojo and together we went to Philip Island to see the Penguin Parade.
Everyday after sunset the penguins return from the sea to go to their breeding places in the sand dunes. So they hit the beach, wait until they are a group, big enough to make the crossing of the beach - which is dangerous for them, since they could get caught by a sea eagle. The funny thing is that a couple of times, just one or two came with a wave to the beach, stand up and recognized that they were alone. So quite fast they went back to the water and this could happen for a couple of times, until the group got big enough.
And when these little Penguins walk it looks so funny and they are so cute. And they are used to all the Humans already.
It was worth a trip and I can strongly recommend to go there. It also was very nice to go there with Christine and Kathy. We had a lot of fun together.

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IoC and Spring

this springframework seams really to rock. there are so many articles I read so fare, pointing out how good it is that I really should gather some time and have a closer look at it. The reputation is amazing.
Also this whole IoC - Inversion of control is alluring. Just read this blog about IoC pattern and frameworks. Looks like IoC is just sound OO design but I think it really is hard to write such code. At least they seldom teach you this anywhere.
Another thing on my To-Study-And-Learn List. Maybe next month? ;)

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Debt of Honour

At the moment I am reading 'Debt of Honour' from Tom Clancy. It really is exciting atm. The funny thing is that while I was traveling through Cambodia a part of the plot of another Tom Clancy book played in Cambodia and this time I was in Japan and in 'debt of Honour' Japan is a major place in the plot. Nice Coincidence.
I can recommend his books if you are into exciting plots about terrorists and strategic moves. I definitely enjoy them very much. It is just my second book from him, but it won't be my last one.

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Management blogs

My favorite weblog concerning management issues is the one from Christoph C. Cemper which gets updated fairly often and this guy produces good content. It made me find a nice repository on management notes from a professor.
and it guided me once to Gantthead, This is a nice site for project management and they also have some nice spreadsheets and checklists and some of the articles are quite good.
I should start reading this "48 Laws of Power" book.
Just need to finish my cleanup after my long holiday.

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Holiday is over

and I am back to Australia.
Gluechlicherweise war die Desiree schon so lieb unsere Reise schon mal etwas zusammenzufassen. Also findet ihr naeheres beim ersten Blog von der Desiree
In den naechsten Tagen werde ich mich dann mal um die Bilder kuemmern.
Im Moment ist es nur etwas traurig wieder hier zu sein aber das wird schon wieder werden.
Japan ist ein interessantes Land und ich kann nur jedem, der das viele Geld dafuer aufbringen kann empfehlen dort hinzureisen.
Und jetzt kuemmer ich mich mal um meine 400 Emails. Uaaaaahhhhh.

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