MovableType 3.121 not working

Finally the pressure grew and I installed MovableType 3.121 and hated it from the beginning. Nothing worked and it made me a lot of troubles.
The upgrade did not work for a reason I do not know.
So I made a clean install, but with no success either. After deleted the whole webserver and running a totally clean install it all finally went up and running again. Wow. I just needed some further time to adjust the templates, style, install the blacklist etc. It is a heck lot to do all in all and I hoped it simply is an upgrade script. To bad it didn't worked.
after a couple of days up and running with 3.121 I went back to the old version, cuz it simply sucked. The administration wasn't working with neither firefox nor mozilla, it simply screwed the whole page up.
So never touch a running system.
I missed a couple of comments and I really liked the comment approval thing in 3.121 but I want a smoothly running blog and therefore I had to switch back.
If I find the time I will make a trial install on my backup weblog and play a bit around with it before upgrading my main blog again and screw it all again.
Had anyone else had problems with 3.121 as well?
Is the not working styles.css know at SixApart?

Posted by Karsten at 29.11.04 18:23 | TrackBack

Upgraded my wife's MT blog to 3.121 from 2.6 this weeked, the had some problems to do with fork() in perl for win32, but thats it.

I'm using mysql for the db.

Posted by: RefuX at 29.11.04 19:32

ok, so u are smart. the upgrade is still on my ToDo list, but I guess I need some time for it and a playground as well.

Posted by: Karsten Voges at 30.11.04 17:35

Sorry for coming off like I was rubbing it in.
I was simply wishing to share my experience.

Posted by: RefuX at 30.11.04 20:28

Not a problem. Thx for ur post, since it is good to hear that it is after all working on someones server. I probably did something wrong, although I got no clue what.
U were not rubbing in. It's just me ...
See ya.

Posted by: Karsten Voges at 01.12.04 09:08
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