Why is blogging so unpopular in Germany

The last couple of days I went to W-JAX, a java conference with 500 other attendees, and nobody, really nobody blogged about it. WOW!
Unbelievable in the US, just have a look at javablogs.com and type in ApacheCon and you get a couple of results.
Why is nobody blogging over here in good old europe? Are we to shy? Is it a problem of adaption (nobody does it therefore nobody tries it) ?
But at least some people must read blogs, since some people recognized my name from my badge ("Hey, aren't u the guy with the weblog?").
Or is it a language thing? There aren't really blogs out there about programming in plain old German.
mmmhhh. makes me wonder why I am blogging in English most of the time. Well, I guess it is because English is the language of the web and I want to give more people the opportunity to consume the trash I blog. And I want to tell the world out there, what is going on in Germany, that we got great Java conferences as well, that we know how to write code, vote for a good government ;) and are rather poor in writing English. At least according to my beloved mother.

Posted by Karsten at 17.11.04 22:30 | TrackBack

Hmmm? Maybe Americans are more quick and dirty and the blog format supports this culture. I however enjoy the many academic papers that come out of europe, in many ways there are superior to the American ones. There you have it, Europeans prefer more formality and thought before publication.


Posted by: Carlos E. Perez at 18.11.04 13:32

I blog in English because I reach a bigger audience. For some time, I've been making the effort to translate my blog posts back to German. It is a major task and, in fact, I don't know if it's worth it.


Posted by: Janek at 18.11.04 18:45

Carlos: true, true, but I still wonder about the dimension of the difference.

Janek: now I know the reason. The German bloggers are just hiding behind a English weblog. Well done. I stumbled accross your blog once and hadn't recognized its German origin.

Posted by: Karsten Voges at 18.11.04 19:40
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