Management Day at W-JAX

Today was the management day at W-JAX with nine presentations in total. This is just a brief summary of what happend on day one and my thoughts about the presentation and the conference in total. Probably none of you who is not from Germany knows W-JAX. It is a conference on Java, XML and WebServices and organized by the publisher Software & Support Verlag and presented by the Java Magazin and the XML & Web Services Magazin.
Since we got winter now it is the W-JAX, while in summer they present the JAX. ;)
But now to the sessions in detail:

Chances and Riscs of J2EE Projects
this one was presented by openknowledge and not too good. Additionally they went totally overtime and had their hands in the pocket all the time. Big minus on that one.
New for me was that J2EE includes a development process, and I recalled a lack in my knowledge about the security features and roles J2EE is providing.
Freedom of Choice = Ordeal of Choice
Interesting fact: J2EE sums up to more than 10.000 pages
Crux: customer got an individual problem, but J2EE provides a general solution platform

Planning, estimating and correcting in agile projects
This was a good one and I will write more about it later.

Model based project management
very sales-like presentation.
Not a lot of interesting news. Just the moving the Model based approach from development to project management.

SOA - Beyond the buzzwords
SOA Wrappers around big monolithic applications is not the right SOA approach. Instead one should split the business process in smaller pieces and gain a deeper understanding of the business process on the fly.

Make, take or buy?
One of the best presentations today was from Mathema Software. It highlighted the three decisions possibilities (Make, take or buy) from the viewpoint of developers (his favourite is make, since it makes more fun, comes with freedom and involves coding) as well as from the Management (who favours Buy, because the like to have someone to sue if something goes wrong).
Big dilemma; if neither 'Buy' nor 'Make' are possible, because the first is not available and the second to expensive , many companies adjust their business process to an existing software instead. Wow. That's the big power of companies like SAP.

Tools for J2EE application performace
This was an english presentation from a funny dutch java advocat from Quest. The first product centric presentation and the funniest so far.
The tools looked not to bad, but the presentation was very confusing and a bit hectic. I guess I have to take a look at their booth they got in the entrance hall.

MDA and UML2
Abstraction is not a higher level view. It sometimes can mean that, but it isn't just that. That was the major part of this speech, and I liked it.

Interative development
The waterfall process was a missunderstanding. The father of it, W. Royce, saw it only for small and easy projects and even then with an iteration of two or three times, with is already an iterative process.
Agile gets less in each iteration.
Not estimation of what is missing, but estimating the probility of getting it done for the iteration.

social dynamics in projects
Strenght of programmers: Analysing and abstraction, complex technical issues
Weacknesses: integral perception (Fear, politics, ...)

So that was Day One: Management Day.
Tomorrow is the main conference and I hope to find some time next night to give some further insights into it.

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