EA sucks

Wow, just read the article of a spouse from a EA programmer (ea_spouse). It is amazing how cruel EA is to their employees.
I wonder how a company can survive with this attitude.

Posted by Karsten at 12.11.04 17:29 | TrackBack

Ea sucks they only give about the money

Posted by: qun at 11.02.05 22:57

EA is the most evil game giant out there. They mass produce krappy games and buy out legit producers like Westwood, UBI, Eidos, Black Isle, Sega/ESPN, Maxis, Bullfrog to name a few, and much more that I haven't named. Screw them and they need to die.

Posted by: Anony at 15.03.05 09:02

battlefield 2 has been really screwed up by ea (electronic ass) the latest patch has destroyed the ranking and award system just as i bought it and that im starting to regret.
in-game people are saying they will never play bf2 again.

Posted by: at 05.10.05 07:38

Agreed, EA ruined the C&C series(Red Alert 2 etc) no support, game is overrun with hacks, and they turn a blind eye when the unoffical cmmunity is still hugely active. Hell the cmmunity has created its own offical ladder system free from cheats in the form of XWIS.

Posted by: Andeh at 05.10.05 20:16

I am with you guys. EA puts out a great game and continues to not only ruin it with broken patches but now that the " expansion pack is out, they say to hell with the millions of people who bought BF2. " Oh btw here is a mandatory patch and all it does is fix stuff that is broken in our untested and released expansion pack, to hell with you people that cant paly your original BF2." See you in hell EA!

Posted by: Mr.Happy at 24.11.05 23:52

There's no way on Gods earth that I'm gonna pay for another EA game. The games industry is another arm of the entertainment industry. If they want to make the money, then they've got to produce the goods. But all they've ben doing is taking the money by selling **** that we've been stupid enough to buy. The developers are treated like **** and burnt out, therefore games are full of errors (check out bf2), they produce a single licence, tweak it up a little and re-release it under a '2005' version year after year. It's about time we said stuff you to EA and, with any game that looks remotely interesting, just copy it, play it then bin it. Don't give them the money. Let them lose out, go out of business and the talented developers will move into a new group that- after seeing what happened to EA- treat them well, pay them well and produce great games that we're happy to pay good money for.
Let the pirates get attacked by pirates until the seas are nice enough to sail on again.

Posted by: Badger at 13.12.05 22:01

Agree. I am most sorry for my beloved C&C series. It's dead and always will be. Thanks, EAss

Posted by: Arminowitsch at 02.04.06 22:22

Well I can say that I am also displeased with ea. They come out with a great game Battlefield 2 I loved it, but then they come out with this evil 1.3 patch where everyone is think whoohoo because its a new patch well I don't think this is a bad thing in what they did to the game its the problems it caused including crashes and ungodly amounts of lost connections.

Posted by: at 13.07.06 06:03
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