Hibernate 3.0 = EJB 3.0

In an interview at JavaFree.com.br
Gavin King talks about Hibernate 3, EJB 3 and OR in general.
It was new to me, that Hibernate 3.0 will be an implementation of the EJB 3.0 specification. But no wonder, since Gavin works now for JBoss. So Hibernate becomes an 'offical' standard? Not bad, since it is good technology, but a bit smellie IMO. So JBoss got already the implementation of an upcoming specification. How? they just put someone into the JCP. Nice move.
It's a nice interview. Go check it out.

Posted by Karsten at 05.11.04 12:04 | TrackBack

I don't see any mention of Hibernate 3.0 implementing the final JSR 220 spec. My understanding is that, as the JSR 220 spec progresses, Hibernate over time will provide an implementation of this specification. This could be in 3.0, 3.5 or maybe Hibernate 5.0 - who knows. I'm sure that 3.0 will implement some of the features that are well known at this point, but the final spec is another year away at least.

The same is true for TopLink and Kodo - they will provide JSR 220 compliant implementations. In Kodo's case, they will also implement the JDO 2.0 specification, something that is not true for Hibernate. Hibernate is not becoming the official standard even though Gaving will be able to influence what goes into the standard. I doubt that the TopLink guys or JDO guys will agree to something that they don't want to implement or support.

Posted by: Thomas Risberg at 05.11.04 14:04

Ok, he simply said to question 9:
"EJB 3.0 is a specification. Hibernate will be an implementation of that specification. So you can use both at the same time ;-)"

it might not be Hibernate 3.0, sorry, my fault, but I guess it will be available at the same time as EJB 3.0 will be. Version number arbitrary.
I haven't worked with TopLink or Kodo, so I cannot say anything to that.

Posted by: Karsten at 05.11.04 17:33
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