JDeveloper at JUGM

Today I went the first time to a JUG Munich Meeting. Georg Neumann, Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle, talked about the development process, history and future of JDeveloper, Oracles Java IDE.
The most interesting things:

  • Due to Eclipse's and IntelliJ's small release cycles, JDeveloper will get split into three editions: Java, J2EE and Studio versions
    The first two might even get distributed for free. Amazing how Eclipse forced the market in that respect.
  • as Source Code Management tool Rationals ClearCase was not sufficant enough to hold all the data
  • the development team for JDeveloper is very distributed (USA, UK, India, Germany and OZ)
  • in the final presentation of JDeveloper itself it looked a bit like a clicky-clicky tool for dummies but with features for professionals (debugging, profiling, ...)

    But it was all in all interesting and I guess I might go there again.

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