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Today I bought myself Spring Live by Matt Raible from Sourcebeat. Sourcebeat offers books in a very unique way. You subscribe to a book for 12 months, getting updates every couple of months about the book you subscribed to. This is a great deal IMO, since a lot of books in the programming world are outdated very fast. But with this electronical publishing model Sourcebeat breaks this vicious circle and delivers good books.
So far I just read two chapters of "Spring Live" but it is a great introduction to the Springframework with a lot of code and examples and how to solve things. I like it and recommend it to anyone interested in the Spring Framework.
Since it comes with a lot of good code, I guess I will use it to set up some things for work and private playground.
Has anyone experience with other titles of sourcebeat?

Posted by Karsten at 31.07.04 20:13 | TrackBack

Am I the only one?
Is anyone interested in German version of sourcebeat books?

Posted by: Karsten Voges at 01.08.04 12:58

Hello, Karsten. Yes, I own two Sourcebeat subscriptions, Eclipse Live and Jakarta Struts Live, in addition to Spring Live. I've been focussing on the Struts book for the most part.

The Struts author (Rick Hightower) is a problem as he has been delayed and doesn't answer email or blog comments. The book is good thus far and the proposed outline looks fantastic - assuming that it happens. The authors of the other two books are very resonsive and the books look good.

Posted by: Don at 02.08.04 13:47

Hi Don,
thanks for the comment. I already wondered if anyone out there subscribed to a book. Haven't read much about it in blogs.
Wish you good luck with the books ;)

Posted by: Karsten Voges at 02.08.04 15:27
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