A Web-based Medical Image Database System

As I stated already in my projects I wrote my master thesis (German: Diplomarbeit) at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
You can find it online here form today on: A Web-based Medical Image Database System (WebMIDS)

And here is the Abstract:

In this report a web based medical image database is introduced. First, the requirements due to the domain of medical images in the context of a web application are specified and evaluated. This evaluation led to the aim of building a secured web application with new query functions at almost no costs.
The project is embedded in a brief description of current approaches and solutions in the domain of medical image databases.
For the implementation, J2EE is used together with the Expresso Framework. J2EE was chosen because of its strong libraries and maturity. The Expresso Framework provides useful functionalities for this project such as user management, a secured workflow and an Object-to-Relational mapping. These functions are combined with a vital development community and so Expresso was given preference over other frameworks.
Although DB2 with its Image Extender would have been preferred, MySQL was chosen as database system for the implementation due to limited funds. MySQL is a free, reliable and fast database and the lack of some functions are no big drawback for this system and are overcome by the implementation of the application.
The database design is a good reduction to the essentials, serving the different needs of users from a medical and a non-medical background.
A dedicated server was set up with Linux as the operating system and with Tomcat as servlet container. The features of the system are described in a user manual and an administrator manual. Features include the uploading and the retrieval of images with a normal web browser via the Internet. The implementation will be up and running at http://mrcas.mpe.ntu.edu.sg after an in-house test phase.
To make this system a long-lasting one some future extensions are outlined and the name WebMIDS was chosen.

For this thesis I got a grade of 1,3 which is equivalent to A- from Prof. Dr. Donald Kossmann, who was teaching at my home university back then.
The biggest junk was the implementation of the web application, which is not included since the NTU wanted to keep the code.

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