Webstatistic for karstenvoges.de in June

June is over and my first month of blogging as well and therefore it's time for a resume:
I got a total of 1500 unique visitors which sums up to a almost 9000 hits and 300 MB of traffic. Not to bad for a starter. ;)
Although it was a busy month I managed to write 32 new entries with the following top five pages (with page impression between 100 and 800):
How-To: Avoid NullPointerExceptions
Article on Spring, Struts and Hibernate
Holland gegen Niederlande
How-To: Comments in JSPs

What was astonishing for me was the fact that I have a couple of regular readers of my RSS Feed already and that 150 people came to me via search engines.
There are a lot of other useful and interesting informations in my stats, but they will be published next month.
(all informations are based on my AWStats webstatistics)

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