great web statistics with AWStats

Not only my webhoster has AWStats installed as web statistics tool but also SourceForge.net as announced it as "Project of the month" in June 2004. As a web site manager you need to have a clear idea how much traffic your site receives on a daily basis. While there are many log file analyzers available on the Internet (many at no cost), I am very happy with AWStats.
SourceForge reports:
"AWStats, SourceForge.net's June 2004 Project of the month, is a multiplatform Open Source log analyzer that provides all the statistics a webmaster needs, presented in a very professional, dynamic report. It takes only a quick glance at the project's online demo to see why so many Web professionals are downloading and deploying this software. AWStats has been on SF.net since October 2000 and has had 400,000 downloads since its inception."
It gave me already a lot of hints about where readers come from and what entries they liked the most.

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