My IT projects

Jato Consulting

Shortly after my arrival from Australia I started to work for Jato Consulting were I got involved in different projects they do for BMW and Siemens.
They give me the chance to look at different projects and work with different technologies (XML and Digester, Java Timer or J2EE web apps in general).


In Melbourne, Australia, SKEX IT Services gave me the opportunity to gain experience as a development manager. At MojoKnows I was responsible for a development team of four persons, planning releases/tasks in a XP (eXtreme Programming) sort of development process. Beside my team leader role I was 50% of my time coding. My specialties where JMS (OpenJMS) and Struts, but we used a lot of other tools like Hibernate (with XDoclet), Ant, Bugzilla, Tomcat, MySQL, ...

NTU Singapore

At the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, I wrote my master thesis "A Web-based Medical Image Database System (WebMIDS)". For the implementation, J2EE is used together with the Expresso Framework. MySQL was chosen as database system for the implementation due to limited funds.
A dedicated server was set up with Linux as the operating system and with Tomcat as servlet container.


At Apeiron, a small but very skilled SoftwareService Company, I was participating in the redesign of Almeda and building my first J2EE skills. Almeda is technologically solved with the Vignette Storyserver (a TCL based Template and Content-Management System).
My first J2EE experiences were encountered by experimenting with Struts and an in-house DB framework to build a Intranet Timesheet on a Tomcat server.
I can strongly recommend Apeiron for your projekt in the Java World. Thanks to Christoph Kipp and Andreas Prohaska for the great time there (2001-2002).


My very first IT job was at Siemens, where I was building Intranet applications based on Cold Fusion. The team there was responsible for the business communication of ICN VD. The VD-Trainingsportal and a Intranet FAQ was one of the things i developed there with the help of ColdFusion and NetFusion Objects.
It was a great time and I was touched by the gratification for my extraordinary work.

Private Projects

In my private life I started the Mitfeierzentrale, build the Fasanenhus site and currently a new project is in the pipe.

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