Blacklist installed, comments allowed

A couple of days ago I came across MT-Blacklist, a Movable Type plugin to eradicate comment and trackback spam. Today I finally installed it on my karstenvoges.de weblog and it works great.
So from now on the comments are enabled again. I do not know how some spammers found my site, since it is only at the beginning, but I had a couple of spam comments. And spam is very, very annoying.
I can highly recommend the installation of this plugin. It was a ridiculously easy installation, since I had no problems at all. I nearly forgot to insert the Latest Master Blacklist file. It is working nicely and hopefully now preventing these idiots from spamming my site.
So please feel free to add comments.
The next thing is, that I have to refactor the layout and displaying of the comments as well, but that is deferred to some time in the future.

Posted by Karsten at 06.06.04 14:04 | TrackBack
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