OZ: Blue Mointains

Hi Folks,
today was another great day in OZ. Since I am currently based in Sydney, I took a dayticket to the blue mountains, which are 110 km away from sydney in the west. This mountain range is totally different from what we have with the Alps, but still they are very nice, and very, very old. I went hiking around for a couple of hours. to some beautiful waterfalls and some fantasitcs views. In between I saw the well know sight and the highlight of the tour "the three sisters". Three rocks standing next to each other washed out by water and wind. Amazing.
Unfortunately you have to be a bit patient about pictures since they will arrive in April soonest. :( too bad, I know.
Tomorrow I plan to do a tour in the Sydney Opera House which i just saw from the outside so far. And the fishmarket is still on my list. I guess I will meet Peter there for a lunch.
On Wednesday I will go to Canberra and on Friday back to Melbourne.
My time in OZ is going to end in a week. I will fly to a one week stop-over in Singapore next Monday (22nd) and be back in good old Germany (Karlsruhe) at the 30th of March.
But I will send another journey note after canberra most probably.
I hope U r all well and wish u the best.

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Dear Sir

My son and is wife are moving to Sydney for at least 4 years. We would like to receive some information about nice homes in your surroundings.

Trully yours

Antoine Parisis

Posted by: Parisis Antoine at 13.01.05 11:17

unfortunately I cannot help you, since I am back to Munich/Germany.
But I wish your family the best in Sydney.

Posted by: Karsten Voges at 13.01.05 11:48
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