Central Australia: Alice Springs

a lot happened during the last few days and I learned a lot about Australias
History, nature and Aborigine culture.
Today we arrived at Alice Spring, the big town in the centre of Austrlia with a hugh population of 28.000 people. But for a lot of people this is the closest town for 1000 km. Adelaide (south Australia) is 2000km away, Darwin 1600 km. And there is nothing else around. a big rodeo in August is the biggest attraktion of Alice springs and many rednecks from the outback go here twice a year, getting pissed and enjoying KFC and McDonald. Really strange to believe. And Gambling is the biggest industry here, followed by cattle (800 Mio AUD a year) and Tourism as third (with 600 Mio AUD). Kangoroo shooting is a business worth 200 Mio AUD a year. As you can see I learned a lot the past days since our tourguide Tex was a great bloke. He worked here in Central Australia for seven years on Cattle farms which is a very, very remote job, where you work seven days a week, looking after cattle somewhere in the outback, sleeping somewhere under the sky, not seeing a house or a propert shower for weeks. Not seeing any city for months. This is a really tough job. After that tex startedto work as a tourguide driving tourist in busses or 4WD to all the sights.
ok, but back to our tour. We went after cooper pedy to Uluru, to see the sunset there. This rock is just amazing. and we had some champaign while watching the sunset and how the roch changes coulor from red to another red, to another red to another red to dark. AMAZING.
The following day we went to see the sunrise where the rock is changing its color again every five minutes. After that I went climbing the rock. Maybe some of you might now think this bloody bastard, this is a holy place for the aborignies so why did he went to climb it?
The reason is that the only reason why one should climb the rock is, that there were so many death from people climbing the rock which pisses the aboriginies off. Because for the life is soemthing very important and the Uluru is a place they have only nice memories off. nut if a white (or minga - white ant) climbes the rock and dies makes them feel bad and sorry. it is like having a great time for ages in a swimming pool and then some stranges come and drown in there and this spoils your nice time u spent there. Since with this the good memories are overwritten by bad ones. But since I did not intended to die by heartattack on th Uluru I went to climb it and it was the most exciting climb in my life. It is really hard to describe and I hope to show u some pcitures in April, but it is really amazing.
Tex told us some nice stories about some hippies walking around Uluru with signs saying "do not climb" and standing in the way of tourist,. So he went to push them aside and later he saw them bathing in a waterhole at Uluru which is the worst thing you can do. First this waterholes are very precious to the Aborignies. Special meaning of this waterholes. And second they never wash or bath themselve in water. Water fot them is so important for drinking purpose that it is a complete waste to bath in it.
Die Moral von der Geschichte: Hippies sind scheisse! ;)
Ok, that;s enough for now. I could continue writing stories forever, but this is the end now.
Tomorrow I will fly from Alice to Sydney. Wish you all the best.

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