From Friday, 27th of February to Monday, 1st of March Juri, Julia, Cordula and I went to Tasmania. I know that it is a very short time for such a beautiful place, but at least we went there and got some wonderful impressions.
We even met some very nice and interesting people there. In Launcestone we met the president of the legislative council of the Tasmanian Parliament, Don Wing. He showed us his hometown and we had a very nice coffee with him.
In Hobart we met a nice girl showing us the pubs to go out. So we had a great time in Tasmania.
In between the two cities we saw a lot of wonderful countryside. We went to the St. Columbia falls. This are 90m high falls located in the middle of nowhere. We were there the only tourists.
We also went to tow national parks. Hiking to some beautiful places. The nature was amazing. I can recommend Tasmania, since it is a very green state with a lot of bush walks. And also some other attractions like some pavement-like stones at the shore, created over centuries, some arches, blowholes, gorges, ...
And of course one of the oldest houses, bridges (the oldest of Australia 1843 in Richmond), and cities (Hobart the second oldest, Launcestone the third oldest).
We drove around in our lovely Subaru and although the two girls just arrived a couple of days before we did the trip we all got along quite well.
Today I will head of to Adelaide and then to Alice Springs, seeing some sights like Uluru and Kings Canyon on the way.
From Alice Springs I will take the plane to Sydney, spending some days there and returning to Melbourne after a stop in Canberra.
That's it for the Moment.

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