Folding - jeden Tag eine gute Tat

Hey, what is your PC doing while you are surfing in the net or reading a document?
he is 90% idle, doing nothing, waiting for some real work. That is embarrassing, or? But you can change that. There is a project called Folding, operated from the Stanford university where your computing power is used for research on folding proteins which can be useful for cancer research etc.
So go to Folding and get your work packages today. Your PC will love you for the work. And you won't feel any difference since when u need the power of you machine you will get it. But if you are not using the power Folding will take it.
That's fair enough, or?
You can see my stats and the one's of team Germany.
"Jeden Tag eine gute Tat", as we say in German.

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I stumbled on this from Google and wanted to say thanks for posting

Posted by: picture shannon tweed at 02.11.04 07:06
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